Are you a Mac user?

Do you want your deleted photos back?

Are you searching for; Mac Deleted Photo Recovery software?

You have deleted your photos from your memory card accidentally. Now you are afraid and thinking “how can you do it”? You might have heard that somebody telling that he has recovered his permanently deleted photo from his computer, but you hadn’t noticed at that time or just ignored, thinking that somebody is talking nonsense, speaking for fun because you know the fact that after permanent deletion, the data gets thrown away from the computer and can never be retrieved again. If you think so, you are wrong. The thing what we see is not really like that. It’s just for making it user friendly so that user can get it easily.

When we delete a photo file or any digital data file from the computer data file not go out of the computer but become ready to be overwritten by another data. Actually, every file that we store in our computer is indexed by the computer’s file system with their memory address. And, after deleting the file system’s index gets changes. Therefore, you can’t see your files, but the file remains in your computer until it gets overwritten by another file. So, just don’t worry and thanks to the technology, because technology has enabled you to recover your permanently deleted files. If you are wondering for that magical software that helps you recover your lost, deleted or corrupted files from your computer then you can download Mac Deleted Photo Recovery software which can do the same. Mac deleted photo recovery software is developed on an advanced technology that scan all your deleted file indexes and recovers the lost files within few seconds.

Mac deleted photo recovery software comes with an easy-to-use interface, great features and supports almost all image formats. You can also recover other files types using this amazing software.

Key features:

  • >>Recovery of lost data in extreme critical situation without decreasing quality
  • >>Recovers Media files from all storage devices
  • >>Compatible with Mac OS X 10.3.9 , 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6
  • >>Provides a very easy-to-use interface
  • >>Supports almost all digital camera matching with today’s technology
  • >>Comes with two advance options: Quick Scan and Advanced Scan
  • >>Saves event Log files with each scan
  • >>Provides option for saving scan if want to recover later

You can download a free evaluation version of the software from the website. You can also purchase it and enjoy the full version software.

MAC Photo Recovery User Guide For Mac

Download and install Photo Recovery Software. Afterward, lauch it & click on "Recover Photo, Audio and Video".

Photo Recovery Software

Select the Specific Hard Drive & then, click on "Scan Now" button. There also available an "Advance Scan" option to customize the scanning option.

Photo Recovery Software

In "Advance Scan" Option, You Should Select the Files Types that You want to Recover. Afterward, Click on "Scan Now".

Photo Recovery Software

This Window shows that Scanning Process is on its Way.

Photo Recovery Software

Preview of Scanned Files are Shown Here.

Photo Recovery Software

Finally, Select the Location to Save the Recovered Multimedia Files.

Photo Recovery Software

MAC Photo Recovery


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