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HD Video Recovery Software : Recover Lost Or Deleted Videos

Are you searching for a best HD video recovery software? If yes then you have landed on a right page. Here you will get all the information which help you to pick right software to recover your videos. Recently the popularity of digital camera and camcorder has increased because they allow users to record high definition videos. Older camera doesn't have the ability to provide such clear videos but the kind of camera which is presented in market deliver HD videos in which you can clearly see every detail. There are number of camera and camcorder which allow users to shoot videos in high definition like a pro. But the bitter truth is videos or pictures taken from these digital camera can be lost easily.

Photos and videos are best means to freeze your present moment and remember these moment in future. If you have recorded videos of your memorable moment then you never want to lose them at any cost. But there are several circumstances where these special moment get deleted or lost. The camera and camcorder available today may be advance or smart but they are not enough smart to prevent data loss problem. Most of the user who suffer data loss assume that it is impossible to get back their deleted videos. But it is not more than a misconception and using a HD video recovery software you can restore your important video files once again. Before we start discussing the software, it is necessary to know the reason which lead to loss of your HD videos.

Some Common Scenarios That Tend To Loss Of Videos

There are several uncertain circumstances where you can end up deleting and missing your favorite HD videos. In some specific video format such as MTS you have to face error too. Occurence of error message make you unable to open MTS file. Here are some common video loss scenario which can make you search for HD video recovery software. So have a look on them because it may help you to avoid data loss :

  • >> Human mistake : It is one of the common reason of video loss where user accidentally erase some important video in the process of removing some unwanted files.
  • >> File system Corruption : Corruption to the file system of memory card or hard disk also result in loss of your favorite and precious HD videos.
  • >> Transfer error : Your favorite HD videos can get deleted or lost due to interruption like sudden power cut while transferring videos from camera to computer.
  • >> Improper ejection : Many user eject the memory card from camera without switching it off. Doing this will result in loss of all data including your HD videos.
  • >> Format Error : Occurrence of error like “Disk needs to be formatted” while connecting memory card to computer forces you to format it which result in complete data loss.

Nobody likes to hear the word data loss but unfortunately you can meet data loss due to above mentioned reasons. So if you don't want to search for HD video recovery software and avoid hearing the term data loss then you can follow the below tips.

Tips That Help You To Prevent Loss Of Your HD Videos

  • >> Regularly backup your important data to your system or other drive
  • >> Refrain from taking videos and pictures from camera during battery low
  • >> Check your memory card twice before formatting or reformatting
  • >> Do not eject your memory card while data transfer is in process
  • >> Stop using your camera, memory card or drive after facing data loss

So following the above mentioned tips you can prevent loss of your important HD videos and other data. But unfortunately you come across data loss then you have to make use of HD video recovery software.

Is HD Video Recovery Software Necessary?

Data loss can happen anytime without any notification. If you have good habit of creating backup of your important video and other files then it is an advantage for you. Because if you have backup then you will not require any software and you can easily restore your files. But there are many users who don't give importance to backup and when they face data loss then they get disturbed. So basically if you don't have backup copies of your videos then in such case you will require HD video recovery software.

The Top Most HD Video Recovery Software

The best thing to overcome data loss problem is a recovery software. It help us to recover our data easily and access them once again. There are lots of recovery software available today. All the software claim to be the best and safe. But it is also a fact that all the product are not good and most of them are only advertised for money purpose. So here we have searched a lot and find out the best HD video recovery software for you. So read their features and select the best which help you to get back your lost and deleted HD videos.

Software Ratings Speed Download
Stellar HD video recovery software 4.5/5 Fast
Remo HD video recovery software 4/5 Slow
Wise HD Video recovery software 3.5/5 Average

1.) Stellar HD Video Recovery Software

Stellar is one of the reliable and most used HD video recovery software that allow users to recover their deleted or lost videos. It is one of the proficient recovery program which bring back your HD videos which you have captured using todays advance camcorders. There are number of ways through which your video become inaccessible. But you don't have to worry anymore because this software is capable to takeover all the data loss scenarios and bring back your precious videos safely. Many software change the original content of your file after recovery but Stellar works on read only principle which means it doesn't modify original file and quality of your video. Using this amazing software one can easily recover their important videos in just few step.

Key Features Of Stellar HD Video Recovery Software

  • >> Easily recovers videos from all camcorder which deliver HD videos
  • >> Supports recovery of all kind of video and image file format
  • >> Complete scan the device and recovery rate is also fast
  • >> Capable of handling almost all the worst data loss scenarios
  • >> Easy UI and compatible with both Mac and Windows OS
  • System Requirements

    System Requirements For Windows For Mac
    OS Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP macOS High Sierra 10.13, 10.12, etc
    Processor Pentium Class Intel
    Memory 2 GB RAM 1 GB RAM
    Hard Disk 50 MB of free space 50 MB of free space

    User's Review

    "Such an amazing software it is..Last week i also encounter data loss where i end up deleting some hd videos that i recorded with my Canon camera. I was very upset because those videos were very close to my heart. But thanks to this software which help me to access those videos again.".- Rae Helli


    "Mistake is a part of life and i also did that when i accidentally erase videos of my sister's birthday. There was no option than regretting because i don't have some other copy of those videos. But thanks to my friend who suggest me this software and i recover my files. ".- Glenn Jacob


    2.) Remo HD Video Recovery Software

    Remo is another HD video recovery software in our list which is widely used to recover lost data. Data loss is one of the common issue faced by us and it can happen anytime. But software like this has made it easy to access your missing or loss videos once again. You can lose your favorite HD videos from different ways but this software will restore the again easily. It is equipped with latest scanning mechanism which allow it to scan your device deeply and extract every data successfully. The best part of this software is it provide preview of the recovered data which save user's time by allowing them to restore only those files which they need.

    Key Features Of Remo HD Video Recovery Software

  • >> Easily recover any kind of video and image file format
  • >> Provide quick and safe video recovery process
  • >> Facilitates scanning mechanism for successful recovery
  • >> Supports recovery on all digital cameras and camcorder
  • >> Simple interface make it easy to use even for novice users
  • System Requirements

    System Requirements For Windows For Mac
    OS Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003 or 8 Mac OS X 10.5.x and above
    Processor Intel Intel
    Memory 1 GB RAM 1 GB RAM
    Hard Disk 70 MB of free space 50 MB of free space

    User's Review

    "I purchased a new camera last week to capture all the moments of my daughters birthday. Everything was going fine and i have clicked some amazing pictures. But while previewing those pictures my friend accidentally deleted some file. I was sad but this software helps me to get back them again.".- Saner Luke


    "Last night i connected my memory card to computer in order to save its data but it display Format error. I reinserted the memory card but the situation was same. At last i formatted the card but all the files were gone. But thanks to this software which help me to bring back those files.".- Luis Brown


    3.) Wise HD Video Recovery Software

    Wise Data is one of the best recovery software that is capable of recovering deleted or lost videos. Everyone like HD videos because of their quality and clarity but like other data they are also prone to data loss. But now you don't have to worry because this HD Video recovery software will allow you to get back your favorite HD videos easily. It is combined with latest recovery algorithm which deeply scan your device and safely recovers your data. There are many ways of data loss but with the help of this software you can reverse the situation. The software is designed so that anyone can use it easily and recover their lost data in just few steps.

    Key Features Of Wise HD Video Recovery Software

  • >> Effortlessly recover lost or deleted HD video files
  • >> Retrieve videos from all external and internal storage media
  • >> Comes with an easy user interface and provide quick recovery
  • >> Restores videos from formatted and damaged storage device
  • >> Supports recovery on Windows as well as Mac operating system
  • System Requirements

    System Requirements For Windows For Mac
    OS Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003 or 8 Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8, 10.9, Yosemite etc
    Processor Intel Intel
    Memory 1 GB RAM 500 GB RAM
    Hard Disk 60 MB of free space 40 MB of free space

    User's Review

    "Past few weeks ago, I accidental formatted my pen drive. All its data were gone and i was very upset. But someone recommended me about this software. Indeed, it done the job and i successfully restore my files. Great software and i want to recommend it to everyone. ".- Saner Luke


    "Fabulous software.. My antivirus has deleted some of my videos because they also get infected by virus. I was shocked because i don't have any backup of those files. Suddenly i got this software and believe me it help me to retrieve those files again. Thanks a lot..".- Luis Brown


    4.) Pandora HD Video Recovery Software

    Pandora is one of the efficient recovery software that retrieve your videos which become inaccessible in different condition. It is a free program which facilitates recovering different kind of video file format such as MP4, AVI, F4V, ASF, WMV, MP4, MOV etc. Using this HD Video recovery software one can easily recover their lost and deleted videos. No matter if you deleted your videos accidentally or they become inaccessible due to virus attack, this amazing recovery software will allow you to access and enjoy your videos again. Its latest scanning algorithm quickly scan your device and safely recovers your videos. Very simple to use and a reliable recovery solution.

    Key Features Of Pandora HD Video Recovery Software

  • >> Recover permanently deleted or lost video files
  • >> Comes bundled with advance recovery capabilities
  • >> Take less time to scan huge files and provide quick recovery
  • >> Supports recovery in almost all the worst data loss situation
  • >> Compatible with all the latest Windows operating system
  • System Requirements

    System Requirements For Windows
    OS Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP and more
    Processor Intel
    Memory More than 500 MB RAM
    Hard Disk 50 MB of free space

    User's Review

    "What an amazing software!! I was can't some of my photos which was saved on external hard drive. A friend tell me about this software but i was not sure. But now i can say that it is really a good software which bring back all the lost data. Thanks a lot..".- Craig Ervin


    "Last night i got an error on my system and after that some of my photos and videos were missing. I was quite upset because those means a lot for me. But finally i got this recovery software and get all my files back...Really helpful."- Peter Smith

    Download Pandora HD Video Recovery Software


    Final Statement

    Throughout the post you have read about different HD video recovery software. Well, all the software mentioned here are well tested by our expert and all are capable of recovering data. But if you have to select any one then you must go with Stellar HD video recovery software. Where other software has limited features, this software has no limitation. It supports all kind of video and pictures file format and compatible with all the latest version of Mac and Windows OS. It has won lots of awards for its recovery services and reliability.

    In compare to other paid or free software the recovery rate of this software is far better. In addition it allow users to pause and resume the recovery or scanning process according to their need. And the best part is it safely recovers data without making any changes to them. So if you want to recover your HD Videos then go with this software.

    User Guide For Stellar HD Video Recovery Software

    For Windows

  • >> Download and start Stellar. Then Click on ‘Recover Photo, Audio & Video’.
  • >> Now you have to select your hard drive or the external storage device.
  • >> You also have option to select specific format in Advanced Settings. Click on Scan now button.
  • >> In this window you can see progress report of scanning process.
  • >> All the recovered files are listed here, select desired one to restore them.
  • For Mac

  • >> Start the Stellar for Mac and click on ‘Recover Photo, Audio & Video’ option.
  • >> All the storage drive will be listed here. Select your device and click on Scan now.
  • >> Then the software will start scanning the device and also display progress report.
  • >> Once scan get completed, all your files get listed. Select a location to restore them.
  • MAC Photo Recovery


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