Resolve Write Protect Error Immediately

Olympus digital camera supports high megapixel resolution for capturing photos with high megapixel resolution. Pictures captured in the digital camera is crystal clear but in case any photos get corrupted then you cannot repair the damaged photos from the memory card itself since there is no physical storage area. So, in case photos get damaged due to interruption in input or output process, low battery charge, deletion of photographs etc. For restoration of lost photos it is essential to make use of mac photo recovery application.

Take a situation where you captured about 250 photographs in Olympus digital camera. Suddenly you removed memory card from digital camera. When you tried to transfer photos from digital camera to computer then following message was prompted in the screen:

“Write Protect Error”

You will not able to access any photos present in the digital camera after emergence of above error.You will not able to access any photos present in the digital camera after emergence of above error.


  • Digital camera will be not able to save particular photograph.
  • Another reason behind this issue is that specific files are not being accessed due to write protection.
  • Write Protect Error is shown in case photos are damaged then above issues is experienced.


At first you require to check whether you have activated locking tab or not. If yes then camera will not able to take photos or delete photos. So, you require to deactivate this option this will be helpful to fix write protect error. All the problems related to protection in specific photos or capturing photos will be solved after this option is set off. If problem persists after deactivating locking tab then it is sure that photos are damaged. To resolve this issue you require to format the memory card of the digital camera. Once you format the camera all the corruption issues will be fixed and at the same time all the photos will be deleted. For restoration of the deleted photos you need to make use of best Mac photo recovery software. This application uses advanced algorithms to complete scanning process and repair corrupted files safely.