Picasa Photo Recovery After Deletion

Photographs are best way to keep precious memories of old days alive. Due to this reason everyone likes to capture and store photos of all the moments. Inception of photography has increased the craze of clicking photos. To make photography completely different Google has introduced Picasa for editing, sharing, organizing and viewing images. Picasa is available in completely free you can download and use it for sharing photos to beloved ones.

Even though Pisca has distinctive features but it is observed when you delete photo or folder then it will be deleting entire photos from PC. Several times you may find that some copies of photos are missing due to deletion. To deal with this problem it is essential to complete Picasa photo recovery.

Take a scenario where you downloaded Picasa in your PC. After that you imported all the pictures in this application. When you were viewing pictures in this application then you deleted a folder accidentally. When you searched for the folder location of the file which was saved in original location then it was missing. You rechecked in the Trash Bin but files were also missing from there as well.

Cause of Problem

Picasa is useful for editing and organizing stored photographs, since it is editing tool therefore it does not store photographs in this application. It will delete photos from its original location by clicking on Shift + Delete.


For completing Picasa photo recovery you need to make use of previous backup. In case you have not created backup in advance then you need to make use of Mac deleted photo recovery. Highly advanced mechanism for scanning damaged photos are used by this program moreover it has ability to recover all the photo files in just few clicks. So, if you have lost crucial memories accidentally then complete recovery of photos use this program. This program is used for recovering photos from different storage media and from computer system.